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RE: Small-Lot SF Regulations - R-1-4 or Similar

May 20th 2024 MDT

Peter and Chapter Members, Clearfield City went through the process of writing and adopting a R-1-4 Zone that would have allowed 4,000 lot sizes. At the same time we were updating our code to align with State Code that prohibits the regulation of building materials on 1 and 2 family dwellings. Due to lack of control of building materials, the City Council denied the R-1-4 Zone and has instead allowed similar developments with a more drawn-out process by rezoning properties to a multi-family zone and imposing a develo ...Continue Reading

RE: Off-Premise Signs

May 17th 2024 MDT

Donald, Once again, your emails are serendipitous. We are literally discussing changes to our sign code at Morgan County. I just wrote the staff report for the changes that we are making. Let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely, Jeremy Lance /Planning & Development Services/ /E: //_jlance@PROTECTED_// | P: 801-845-4008/ / // / /Morgan County// / /48 West Young St | Morgan UT | 84050// / /PO Box 886// / *From:* Donald Boudreau via Utah Chapter APA Listserv <utah ...Continue Reading

Small-Lot SF Regulations - R-1-4 or Similar

May 17th 2024 MDT

Good Afternoon - I have been asked by our Council to explore ideas and code examples for small-lot single-family subdivisions. We have an R-1-6 zone, a patio home zone, and a Planned Residential Development (PRD) overlay zone applicable to the R-M (multi-family) zone that allows 3,500 sf lots. The PRD is a decent option, but it is reserved for larger, master planned developments and not applicable to standard subdivisions or smaller infill developments. Please share your experience with small-lot SF regulations and ...Continue Reading

Addresses for plats

May 16th 2024 MDT

Hello Planners, We are wondering who (which department) at your city assigns addresses to new subdivision plats. Is it Planning or another department and what method do they use? GIS? Or something else?  Best Regards, Sarah Carroll  Planning Director, AICP City of Saratoga Springs  ...Continue Reading

RE: [EXTERNAL] Re: [Ext] Off-Premise Signs

May 10th 2024 MDT

I would echo Francis’ recommendation.  _Don’t open up your corridors to billboards_!  I’m guessing that the industry wants access to Main Street, 200 N., and Highway 14 heading up toward Cedar Breaks.  This would be a mistake that future commissions would lament because by industry and legislative design, billboards are almost impossible to get rid of once they are permitted.  Even if a future commission changes the ordinance to prohibit billboards on these corridors, the legislative protections ...Continue Reading

Re: [Ext] Off-Premise Signs

May 4th 2024 MDT

Hi Donald – John Janson gave you some reasonable thoughts on billboards, but I would like to add some too!  Millcreek, where I work, has nearly 50 billboards. I previously worked in South Salt Lake, and if I recall correctly they had around 30 billboards. In both cases, we inherited billboards that were permitted under Salt Lake County’s jurisdiction, which was very permissive in the years leading up to the 2002 Winter Olympics. In both cases, we adjusted our ordinances to prevent more from locating in our city.& ...Continue Reading

Re: Off-Premise Signs

May 3rd 2024 MDT

There are many communities out there that would suggest "don't do it"! Billboards often obscure views and can detract from a pleasant street environment. Maybe consult with Scenic America's Utah chapter. Here would be my cautions if you decide to move ahead: Consider the smallest size you can - Unfortunately SLCo allowed freeway size boards in many of the unincorporated areas of SLCounty.  They do not belong there (600 plus square feet).  Compare what sizes you might want to allow to what you allow ...Continue Reading

Last Chance, APA UT Spring Conference & Social Event

May 3rd 2024 MDT

Hi there! Conference registration will be closing on Sunday at 11:59 PM. If you have not registered, please head over to our website.Additionally, If you haven't yet registered for the Thursday evening social event and tour of the Shakespeare facilities, the registration deadline is approaching on Sunday night. You can register for it here. Please note, that light refreshments will be provided for this event but not dinner. Warm regards, *Nicole Masson* Executive Manager  *P ...Continue Reading

Off-Premise Signs

May 3rd 2024 MDT

Hello Planners-   The Cedar City Planning Commission will soon be entertaining allowing off-premise advertising.  Currently we allow billboards along the I-15 corridor, and only then in industrial zones.  Curious to know if other jurisdictions allow for off-site advertising, and if so under what restrictions.  Any thoughts on how your specific ordinances have worked would be most helpful, the good, bad and the ugly.   I appreciate any input.   Regards, *Donald Boudreau* *City Planner* 10 ...Continue Reading

Senior Planner Recruitment - Kaysville City

May 2nd 2024 MDT

APA,   I’m very excited to announce the recruitment of Senior Planner for Kaysville City! Kaysville is a fantastic place to work, with wonderful people, a supportive culture and great benefits. We have some very exciting opportunities coming up, including the creation of a small area plan for our City Center area thanks to WFRC and their TLC grant program.   A link to the online application is here. Please feel free to send this to anyone you know who would be interested in an exciting Senior Planner oppo ...Continue Reading
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