On July 17, 2023 the CMPO Executive Council approved an update of the CMPO 2050 Regional Transportation Plan (and Air Quality Conformity Determination).

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is the long-range transportation plan for the Logan Urbanized Area and the Utah portion of the greater Cache Valley area. The plan identifies specific projects that will be needed to meet the transportation demands of the region. At present, most travel in the region is by automobile. However, other modes such as public transit (buses), pedestrian, and bicycle transportation are becoming increasingly important. The RTP identifies future transportation investments for all modes.

Not unlike many communities across the nation, anticipated revenues are not sufficient to fund all the needed transportation improvements in Cache County. Therefore, this plan prioritizes projects for implementation to respond to financial constraints.

The RTP attempts to anticipate the transportation system needs and requirements nearly 30 years into the future and is intended to help shape local, regional, and state strategies for addressing economic growth, safety, congestion, air quality, and public mobility. The plan can be amended at any time.

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