The Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMPO) is seeking public review and comment on a proposed amendment to its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The RTP serves as the template for transportation development for highways, bicycle and pedestrian improvements and public transit in the Logan Urbanized region through the year 2050.

The amendment changes a roadway improvement project (project #28 4400 South. from Hwy 165 to Hwy 89/91 from phase 3 to phase 1 and changes the southern end roadway alignment for the Western Arterial (project #41) from about 800 south to Hwy 89/91.

The CMPO is required to establish that all regionally significant highway and transit projects in air quality non-attainment areas are derived from a “conforming” Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).  A conforming Plan or Program is one that has been analyzed for emissions of controlled air pollutants and found to be within emission limits established in the State Implementation Plan (SIP) or approved Motor Vehicle Emission Budget. These projects were included in the conformity analysis for the 2050 RTP. The Federal Highway Administration issued a “conformity finding” for the CMPO 2050 RTP on August 9, 2019. Given the nature of the proposed changes in this amendment, a new conformity analysis and determination is not required.

Therefore the amended CMPO 2050 RTP conforms to the mobile source budget in the PM 2.5 Moderate Area State Implementation Plan for the Logan, UT-ID Nonattainment area. This mobile source budget was given an “adequacy determination” by EPA with an effective date of September 28, 2015.

Comments will be received for the proposed RTP amendment until February 21, 2021.

The proposed RTP 2050 amendment is available at the CMPO website at Requests for information or comments may be directed to Jeff Gilbert at (435) 755-1634.  Comments may also be sent by e-mail at or by mail to the CMPO, Attn: Jeff Gilbert, 179 N. Main, Suite 305, Logan, UT 84321.

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