Transportation Improvement Program

100 East Bridge Construction

The CMPO TIP lists projects for which specific funding has been identified and are scheduled (2021 to 2026) for some phase of advancement (i.e. environmental analysis, engineering design, right-of-way acquisition or construction). Although local matching funds are often included, the TIP primarily identifies State and Federal sources of funding (see description below).  The TIP also includes funding priorities for transit (CVTD bus service) and bicycle and pedestrian projects. The TIP is approved by the CMPO Executive Council at least every 4 years and is amended often. Once approved, the Utah Transportation Commission considers approval for inclusion in the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

CMPO Funding Sources

  1. Federal Sources
    1. Surface Transportation Program (STP)–Funded by the federal portion of the gas tax paid at the gas pump, this is the main source of federal transportation funds for the CMPO. Currently, the CMPO receives about $1.8 Million per year to program toward eligible projects. At this time, the CMPO is not soliciting applications for new projects.
    2. Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality (CMAQ)–Program funds are for projects, which it can be proven to reduce traffic congestion and/or improve air quality in air quality non-attainment areas. Projects such as park and ride lots, signal coordination, trails and pedestrian facilities, and transit and rideshare qualify for these funds. Demonstration of the project’s air quality benefit must be shown in order to be eligible for this fund. This funding is programmed by the MPO to eligible applicants including member jurisdictions, UDOT, CVTD, state agencies, and private non-profit organizations. Follow this link for more information about program eligibility. At this time, the CMPO is waiting for the control strategies to be identified as part of the State Implementation Plan (SIP) being prepared buy the Utah Division of Air Quality and is not soliciting applications for new projects. Currently the CMPO receives about $500,000 per year of CMAQ funding.
  2. State Sources
    1. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and the Utah Transportation Commission selects projects (on state highways) and identifies funding in Cache County. This can be from formula based state sources or one time appropriations from the Utah State Legislature. These projects still must be included in the CMPO TIP.
  3. Local Sources
    1. Countywide Sales Tax for Roads–In 2008 voters approved a 1/4 of 1% countywide sales tax allowed by state code to fund “regionally significant” capacity increasing road projects in Cache County. This source generates about $3 Million per year. The funding priorities for this source is determined by the Cache County Council of Governments using their approved project application, scoring and prioritization process. The Cache Council of Governments makes a project funding recommendation to the Cache County Council for final approval. More information about current round of funding.
    2. Other Local Transportation Funds— Communities often use general fund or Category B & C road funds to complete transportation system improvements or maintenance.  Various projects funded with state or federal funds often require a local match.

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