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Date: March 12th 2019
This is something that all planners should be concerned about.  Particularly, the legislature's usurping of city’s rights and powers, not to mention all the other bad ideas.  

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Subject: [lwvut-inlandport] FW: Mayor Biskupski sues and other Inland Port news
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I hope I am sending this correctly. I seem to have done something weird to my address book.
I am forwarding the Great Salt Lake alert because it is so well done.
Please feel free to send out notices, etc. This is a group effort.
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Dear GSLA & Friends,

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski has filed a lawsuit against the Inland Port Board, Chair Derek Miller and Governor Herbert.  Here are two articles about this development:


There were other Inland Port developments at the legislature yesterday:
1) SB 268 Transportation Infrastructure Bond Amendments which will pay for an underpass to help a second intermodal railyard. Senator Buxton (Inland Port Board member) can be heard on the tape of this hearing saying the underpass is to “entice” Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific to work together.  Translation – this underpass is to help facilitate a second railyard.
Here’s the article:

SB 248: Senator Okerlund - Throughput Infrastructure Amendments (currently in House Rules Committee):  this bill allows for $53 million to fund a deep water port for the “inland port” – intended for coal and other stuff??From the Trib: “In the committee hearing Okerlund assured everyone that coal is not the only Utah product that the deep-water port would handle, but without providing any specifics, and said it would tie into the inland port proposed for Salt Lake City.”
 “If there is a 
hub-and-spoke system with an inland port program, it would allow us to ship directly to the deep-water port,” Okerlund said. “That creates tremendous opportunity for the inland port to gather and supply products to that deep-water port. They really work well together.”
Here's the article:
3) HB 433 Inland Port Amendments Rep. Gibson (on its way to final passage) – which will subsidize transloading facilities: From Trib: “Gibson told the Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee that shipping is one of the biggest costs companies face and that having a satellite location would mitigate those costs by allowing them to distribute products without having to first send them to Salt Lake City. In Carbon County, for example, “coal is a big export,” he said. “Why would we want to bring all of that coal to Salt Lake and ship it out west when we could just do it there?””
Here's the article:

4) Some good news:  Senator Escamilla’s SB 144 – baseline air quality monitoring passed the Senate and has been introduced in the House, However, Rep. Gibson is now the co-sponsor, and he took out noise and light pollution monitoring, which would have been very helpful for developing strategies that would lessen the impact of these pollutants on birds.  Let your networks know to contact their Representative’s in support of HB 144, as we still very much need air quality monitoring.

Heather Dove
President, Great Salt Lake Audubon

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