The Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMPO) and the Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD) along with the Utah Department of Transportation and other regional transportation agencies in the state are launching a major statewide survey this week to better understand how people travel throughout the region.

As technologies evolve and travel behaviors change quickly over the next few years, transportation planners need to collect current travel data to inform future transportation investments and prioritize improvements.

At least 8,250 households throughout Utah are expected to participate in February – June of 2023. To ensure a statistically representative sample, Cache County households will be invited to participate by mailed invitation. While this survey is not currently open to volunteers, individuals and households are encouraged to respond when they receive an invitation. Invitations will be sent in several waves over the next few months.

Invited households have the option to complete the survey online, by phone, or through a smartphone app (rMove™). When complete, this survey will help Utah plan for a more efficient future transportation system.

“Knowing how and why people travel in our region helps us make the right transportation investments at the right time. Participating in this study is a great way to contribute to the development of a 21st century transportation system that benefits all modes of travel.” – Mayor Bryan Cox, Hyde Park Mayor and Chair of the Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization.

For more information, please visit the survey website:

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