2017 Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ) & Transportation Alternative Funds (TAP)

Cache Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC) 2017 Funding Recommendation to CMPO Executive Council (to be considered January 22, 2018)

2017 CMAQ & TAP Funding Recommendation

Project NumberApplication DownloadSponsorProjectCMAQ Requested Amount (Application)CTAC Recommended Funding Amount
2017-1Application PDFBear River Health
"Shair" the Air Education Campaign & IM Training$160,000 $160,000
2017-2Application PDFNibley City2600 S. Active Transportation Corridor$409,155$409,155
2017-3Application PDFLogan CityLogan Middle Canal Crossing Improvements$566,989$340,000
2017-4Application PDFCache CountyCache Bikeway Planning Study$55,980$55,980
2017-5Application PDFMillvilleMillville Sidewalk Supplemental Funding$140,883$157,677
2017-6Application PDFNorth Logan2200 N 400 E Roundabout$610,000$610,000

More information about the CMPO project selection process can be found here:

CMPO Project Selection Policy and Process Guidelines

CMAQ General Information

CMAQ funds are for projects, which it can be proven to reduce traffic congestion and/or improve air quality in air quality non-attainment areas. Cache County is a “non-attainment area for Particulate Matter 2.5.  Projects such as park and ride lots, signal coordination, trails and pedestrian facilities, and transit and rideshare qualify for these funds. Demonstration of the project’s air quality benefit must be shown in order to be eligible for this fund. This funding is programmed by the CMPO to eligible applicants including member local jurisdictions, UDOT, CVTD, state agencies, and private non-profit organizations (if sponsored by a city or county).

Federal Guidance Information on the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) Program

Eligible Projects

  1. Transportation Control Measures (TCMs)
  2. Extreme Low-Temperature Cold Start Programs
  3. Alternative Fuels and Vehicles
  4. Congestion Reduction & Traffic Flow Improvements
  5. Transit Improvements
  6. Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities and Programs
  7. Travel Demand Management
  8. Public Education and Outreach Activities
  9. Transportation Management Associations
  10. Carpooling and Vanpooling
  11. Freight/Intermodal
  12. Diesel Engine Retrofits & Other Advanced Truck Technologies
  13. Idle Reduction
  14. Training
  15. Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) Programs
  16. Experimental Pilot Projects

Transportation Alternative (TA) General Information

Federal Guidance Information on the Federal Transportation Alternatives (TA) Program

  1. Bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  2. Safe routes projects for non-drivers
  3. Construction of turnouts and overlooks
  4. Community improvement activities including vegetation management
  5. Historic preservation
  6. Rails to trails
  7. Control of outdoor advertising
  8. Archeological activities related to transportation project
  9. Boulevard construction
  10. Environmental mitigation activity

Contacts, Questions:

Jeff Gilbert
179 N. Main, Suite 305, Logan Utah 84321
P 435-755-1634 C 435-994-1220
Email: jeff.gilbert@cachecounty.org



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