CMPO Boards & Committees

CMPO Executive Council

  • Chair:  Mayor Holly Daines, Logan
  • Vice Chair: Mayor John Drew, Providence
  • Mayor John Bailey, North Logan
  • County Executive Craig Buttars, Cache County
  • Mayor Shaun Dustin, Nibley
  • Mayor Sharidean Flint, Hyde Park
  • Wayne Barlow, Utah Transportation Commissioner
  • Tom Jensens, Logan City Council
  • Mayor Jeff Barnes, Smithfield
  • Mayor Thomas Bailey, Wellsville
  • Mayor Stephanie Miller, Hyrum
  • Mayor David Hair, Millville
  • Mayor Todd Rasmussen, River Heights
  • Todd Beutler, CVTD Transit Manager

Cache Technical Advisory Committee

  • Jim Gass, CMPO
  • Bill Young, Logan
  • Todd Beutler, Transit
  • Josh Runhaar, Cache County
  • Scarlet Bankhead, Providence
  • David Zook, Nibley
  • Ron Salvesen, Hyrum
  • Cordell Batt, North Logan
  • Mike Gruning, Hyde Park
  • Scott Wells, Wellsville
  • Clay Bodily, Smithfield
  • David Alger, UDOT
  • Steve Call, FHWA

Cache County Council of Governments (CCCOG)

  • Chair: Mayor Shaun Dustin-Nibley
  • Mayor Kevin Rhodes-Newton
  • Mayor David Wood- Amalga
  • Mayor Kendon Godfrey -Clarkston
  • Mayor Matt Leak-Cornish
  • Mayor Sharidean Flint- Hyde Park
  • Mayor Stephanie Miller-Hyrum
  • Mayor Kelly Field-Lewiston
  • Mayor Holly Daines-Logan
  • Mayor Ed Buist-Mendon
  • Mayor David Hair-Millville
  • Mayor Jeff Young-Richmond
  • Mayor John Bailey-North Logan
  • Mayor Karen Rinderknecht-Paradise
  • Mayor John Drew- Providence
  • Mayor Todd Rasmussen-River Heights
  • Mayor Jeff Barnes-Smithfield
  • Mayor Ed Cottle-Trenton
  • Mayor Thomas Bailey-Wellsville
  • County Executive Craig Butters-Cache County

CMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

The CMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)  is a informal group of interested citizens, community officials and law enforcement committed to making the community more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.  The committee provides recommendations to local jurisdictions and the CMPO and also facilitates bicycle and pedestrian safety education and outreach.  BPAC meetings are organized and led by Cache County Regional Trails Planner.

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