200 East-Logan to Hyde Park EIS

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in cooperation with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Hyde Park City, and North Logan City, has issued the Record of Decision for the Hyde Park to North Logan Transportation Corridor (200 East). A Record of Decision is the final federal approval of the environmental impact statement and confirms the preferred alternative as Alternative 3 Modified.

Final Environmental Impact Statement Document (Chapter PDF files)

Final Record of Decision

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 1 Purpose and Need

Section 2 Alternatives

200 East -North Logan

Section 3 Affected Environment

Section 4 Environmental Impacts

Section 5 Section 4(f) Evaluation

Section 6 Section 6(f) Evaluation

Section 7 Comments and Coordination

Section 8 List of Preparers

Section 9 Agency List

Section 10 References

Section 11 Acronyms

Appendix A Correspondence and Coordination

Appendix B Supporting Data

Appendix C Reevaluation

Appendix D Comments and Responses

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