2020 Council of Governments (COG) Road Sales Tax Funding Information

2020 COG funding Application

Pre-application Checklist
  • Review the 2020 COG project application prioritization and approval schedule
  • Public Hearing-The applicant jurisdiction will need to hold a public hearing where the COG project is identified and discussed (inclusion of the applicants project in the jurisdictions annual budget hearing will be accepted).
  • Depending on the type of project, either 30% or 90% engineering design (and certification) may be required at time of application (contact Jim Gass 435-757-2224 for more information). 
  • If your project is not classified as a collector or arterial road by UDOT then it must be identified as such in your jurisdiction’s Transportation Master Plan and meet the Federal Highway definition for the classification. 
  • Projects located in the CMPO area must increase capacity and be included in the CMPO’s Regional Transportation Plan to qualify for funding in excess of $200,000 (spot improvement). 
  • While the COG funding application must be completed online (start below), you may want to review the blank application form (keep in mind some sections do not apply to all projects). 
  • Review the Local Transportation Fund-Program Manual. This document describes the COG application and project prioritization process. This document contains changes approved by the COG at the June 8, 2020 Meeting.


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