Council of Governments (COG) Ranking Form

Click this link to download a copy of 2019 COG Member Ranking Form (ms Excel format)

Once completed, please email this to Jeff Gilbert by Tuesday October 22, 2019.

Please consider the following when completing your ranking:

  1. Detailed project information can be found at: This includes the COG application, project plans/designs, cost estimates, and a report resulting from a technical review of the plans provided by the Cache Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC) and COG staff.
  2. At the October 10th meeting each applicant will be given about 10 minutes to present details about their project and answer any questions you may have. Also, at this meeting you will receive a technical report from the CTAC and the scoring results from this group (30% of overall point score weight).
  3. Please use your own local knowledge and understanding of the transportation system to evaluate the regional significance of each project and complete your ranking.
  4. As per state code you are asked to consider a project’s cost effectiveness, economic impact, compliance with federal law, long term maintenance and operation costs as you develop your ranking.

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