2017 COG Road Sales Tax Funding Information

COG Member Scoring Documentation & Information

Cache Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC) Scoring Results

COG Member Project Ranking Form (excel spreadsheet download)

Cache County Council of Governments 2017 Road Project Application Summary

COG Project
ProjectLocal Betterment AmountLocal Match Amount2017 COG
1000 South Hwy 91$34,000$19,900$283,188
2017-2TrentonApplication Presentation
1600 South$15,000 $143,110
2017-3Hyde Park Application Presentation
200 South100,000$30,000$200,000
2017-4MendonApplication Presentation
500 North-Eastern Gateway$4,500$20,000$180,000
2017-5Logan Application Presentation
100 West Extension-ROW$310,000$54,600$725,400
2017-6ParadiseApplication Presentation8700 S. Bridge$5,000$30,000
2017-7North LoganApplication Presentation
600 East$83,20033,500$200,000
2017-8LewistonApplication Presentation
1600 West$100,000$400,000
2017-9LoganApplication Presentation
Plans Geotech
1800 North Extension$994,280$502,535$2,500,000
2017-10North LoganApplication Presentation
3100 North$35,000$350,000
2017-11NibleyApplication Presentation

1200 West, Western Corridor$238,562$143,180$1,902,257


COG Application Supporting File Downloads

Approved Local Transportation Funds Program Manual Guide to the COG application and project prioritization process
UDOT Project Cost Estimating SpreadsheetUse is recommended for larger road construction projects
UDOT Safety Cost/Benifit Calculation SpreadsheetThis is the spreadsheet that will be used to calculate a safety cost/benifit ratio for projects that seek points for the safety criteria. Contact CMPO staff for assistance with using this spreadsheet


2017 COG Funding Application Schedule

July 14, 20172017 COG funding application made available
July 31, 2017Part I application due
August 3, 2017 Pre-application screening meeting-COG Executive Committee
August 25, 2017 by 5:00 PMFull (Part I & II) online COG application due
August 29, 2017Applications made publicly available on internet.
August 25 to September 14, 2017CTAC scoring is completed and approved
September 15, 2017 CTAC scores and project ranking form sent to each COG member for individual ranking
September 18, 2017 Applicant project presentation meeting
October 6, 2017COG member project ranking due
October 16, 2017COG meeting to approve 2017 COG road project funding recommendation to the Cache County Council


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