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Date: April 14th 2020
This is a great idea, Jack.  Make it a family scavenger hunt thing on bikes!  -paul

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I'm seeing more bike activity than ever before- especially families with kids. It's quite remarkable how corona has worked its magic on changing many of our habits and activities in a very healthy manner. Perhaps adding a "family" category by having them send in a family photo of them biking together and a short paragraph or map showing where they've biked and how frequently since the corona restrictions went into effect.  

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I hope this email finds you well. We will not be meeting in person on April 22. However, I’ve been in contact with Keegan, Meg, and Brad about ideas for Bike to School & Work Week. Although it is not the right time to plan in-person event, we still have a chance to promote riding a bicycle individually for health and transportation.


EVENT: Meg and the Aggie Blue Bikes team are planning a solo alley cat ride over bike week that would be open to the public, perhaps a lonely cat. The ride would be a scavenger hunt in Cache Valley with a list of things to photograph with you and/or your bike, e.g. a place where the sidewalk ends, structure over 100 years old, or winding road street sign. Nothing on the list would require people to go inside a building or be within six feet of another person.


SCORING: Participants could earn points by documenting and submitting each item on the list with the idea that no one will necessarily complete the whole list. Anyone who achieves a base level of points could get a gift card via mail. We could have a higher threshold as well for another small prize if we have patch kits, pant leg reflectors, or something else that we want to giveaway. The top point-earner would get a bigger prize.


WHAT YOU CAN DO: The Bike League is planning a more traditional bike week in September. We can watch the situation to see if we want to plan anything in person at that point. Here’s what we need now:

1.      Give feedback on this plan. Do you think it is a safe way to promote bicycles right now? Does it feel appropriate to our situation? Do you have ideas or scavenger hunt items to add?

2.      Our past discussion involved resources for an in-person bike week. Please let me know if you have resources available for a solo bike week with online interaction only.

3.      Lurk now and spread the word when Bike Week arrives.





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