Mountain Bike Trails

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Subject: Mountain Bike Trails
Date: February 7th 2018

Hey Planners,


Eagle Mountain is exploring the possibility of formalizing, protecting, and possibly expanding our mountain biking network, currently we have a Mountain Bike Park, and a few trails that cross from public to private lands but we have questions about taking the next step.  If your community has a Mountain Bike Trail network how have you addressed

·         Maintenance of trails

·         Ownership of trails

o   Does the City/County own trails, are easements granted, are trails located on private property

·         How have existing and new trails been built?

o   Are they city built or funded

o   Have they grown organically?

·         Do you have any experience in trading or transferring development rights in exchange for the construction or protection of trails

·         Have developers been given open space credit for construction of trail systems


If anyone has any information on the above, or something we’ve overlooked we’d be grateful if you sent it our way.


Thanks in advance




Tayler Jensen
Planner II


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