Retail Propane Tank sales

From: "Rob Scott via Utah Chapter APA Listserv" <utahapa@PROTECTED>
Subject: Retail Propane Tank sales
Date: November 16th 2017

North Ogden City has received a request to allow retail propane tank sales in our commercial zones.


Below is the Ogden City code requirement. We are interested in seeing if others have similar or other code standards that we should consider.


Ogden City

15-38-5 Uses









Propane retail sales as an accessory use




a. Be located outside of any required setback;




b. Not exceed 16 feet in length if tank is horizontal;




c. Not exceed the primary building height or 10 feet, whoever is lower, if tank is vertical;




d. Not exceed a volume of 1,100 gallons;




e. Be limited to 1 tank per site.


















Rob Sig 2

Robert O. Scott, AICP

North Ogden City Planner

505 East 2600 North

North Ogden, UT 84414


(801) 737-9841



***Disclaimer: This email does not take the place of an official land use approval on the appropriate form from the North Ogden Land Use Authority.  Any responses in this email may not be based on a thorough review of all the information which would be found in an actual application review and approval. Nothing in this email shall be construed to mean that the City has given a final approval or authorized any action which violates the City or State Codes.***


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