200 East Corridor

  1. 200 East -North Logan

    Northern Segment (1400 North to Hyde Park Lane) Planning and Environmental analysis has been completed for this project.  View the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision.

    1.  1800 North to 2200 North – two lane construction completed in 2009. Will be widen to additional lanes when required by travel demand.
    2. 2200 North to 2500 North-Beginning engineering design phase. Preparing  to construct 3 lane roadway section in Summer 2013. Federal funding has been identified.
    3. 2500 North to Hyde Park Lane-Beginning engineering design phase.  Partial design work to be completed (enough to identify needed rights-of-way and major cost issues).  Construction time line will be demand driven. Funding has yet to be identified.
  2. Logan Segment (300 South to 1400 North) 
    1. Logan Segment-200 East Project Study Area

      300 South to Center Street-Planning and federal environmental analysis has been completed. The Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact was completed in January 2012 . Right of way property acquisition and final engineering design has commenced. Construction likely summer 2013. 

    2. 450 North to 1250 North-Engineering design and right of way acquisition is nearing completion.  Construction funding has yet to be identified.  However, Logan City will likely seek funding from the COG County sales tax source in 2012. 

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