Proposed Amendment to the CMPO Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) 2014

The Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMPO) is seeking public review and comment on a proposed amendment to its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The RTP serves as the template for transportation development for highways, bicycle and pedestrian improvements and public transit in the Logan Urbanized region through the year 2040.

The amendment changes the lane configuration for the proposed 400 North realignment of SR 30 (Project # II-5) from roughly 1400 West to Main Street from a 5-lane road (4 travel lanes and center turn lane) to a 3-lane road (two travel lane and center turn lane). This project is scheduled in phase 2 of the plan (2025-2034).

Comments will be received for the proposed RTP amendment until March 30, 2017.

Follow this link to view the proposed amendment: Draft RTP Amendment #1

Requests for information or comments may be directed to Jeff Gilbert at (435) 755-1634.  Comments may also be sent by e-mail at or by mail to the CMPO, Attn: Jeff Gilbert, 179 N. Main, Suite 305, Logan, UT 84321.

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