FY 2015 Proposed Amendment #1

Public Involvement Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMPO) intents to amend its 2015 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The amendment will potentially add up to $4.6 Million Federal Surface Transportation Program Funds (plus required local match) to the 200 East project to construct new roadway from 2200 North to approximately 3100 North in North Logan. The amendment will also add an additional $1,190,076 in locally approved Council of Governments sales tax road funding to the project along with the required local match. Currently the total project cost is estimated at about $10.1 million. The project is being constructed consistent with the federal approved Environmental Impact Statement (see http://cachempo.org/?page_id=306). Other projects include funding for SR-30 Environmental Study and Air Quality Education and Outreach CMAQ funding.

The official public comment period for the TIP document will be end November 3, 2014 by 1:00 PM. Those interested can view or receive a copy of the TIP amendment at the CMPO office at 179 N. Main Street, Suite 305, Logan, UT 84321 or on the CMPO’s website at www.cachempo.org. Written comments can be submitted for consideration to the CMPO at the address listed below or email to jeff.gilbert@cachecounty.org.

The program will likely be considered for conditional approval at the next CMPO Executive Council meeting to be scheduled in early November. Once approved, this program will be the final program unless amended.

179 N. Main Street, Suite 305
Logan, Utah 84321
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